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Pretty Flower Pillow

Turn a blanket into an elegant pillow with applique.

Crafts Supplies for Flower Pillow

What you'll need:

* Blanket (big enough to cut to 37x47 inches)
* Floral pattern
* Fusible web
* Felt
* Iron
* Scissors
* Sewing machine or needle and thread
* 3 Buttons
* Pillow form

Finished size is 16x44 inches

Instructions for Flower Pillow

1. Cut blanket to 37x47 inches.
2. Trace the downloaded floral pattern onto fusible web according to manufacturer's directions.
3. Fuse pattern to wool felt, and cut out shapes. Using the photo as a guide, center wool felt shapes horizontally on blanket piece; fuse in place.
4. Topstitch wool felt shapes close to their outer edges with thread that matches.
5. With the wrong side inside, fold blanket piece like an envelope, overlapping ends by 1 inch in the center back to accommodate a button closure. With 1/2-inch seam allowances, stitch pillow side seams; press.
6. Topstitch 3/4 inch from outer edge around pillow. Add buttons and buttonholes at back overlap for closure.
7. Insert pillow form.

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