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10 Things You Should Never Buy Used

People often buying used things to save money in their daily life.. There is no problem in buying used items but there are some items which should never buy used..

Camera Lenses

SLR camera lenses should never be bought used without a return guarantee or warranty. Lenses are the most expensive part of a camera, because that's where the quality of your images is determined. One tiny mark or scratch on the glass will show up in all your photos. A simple misalignment will cause your photos to be chronically out of focus. If you're serious about photography, buy high-quality, new lenses.

Car Seats & Bicycle Helmets

Both car seats and bicycle helmets are made to withstand one accident. If you buy them used and don't know their history, you are putting your life and your child's life in danger. Safety is not an area to take a bargain shortcut. Be sure to purchase these items new. Unlike bicycle helmets, other sports helmets (football, skateboard, etc.) are designed for continual pounding and don't need to be replaced as often.

Speakers & Microphones

Speakers and microphones are sensitive pieces of audio equipment. Most retailers won't even let you return them once they leave the store. Blasting speakers into oblivion and mishandling sensitive vocal microphones will render the devices practically useless. If you don't want to get stuck with buzzing speakers or crackling microphones, purchase them new.


Much like car seats, car tires should be considered "one and done" when it comes to accidents. After the overall trauma caused by a motor accident, tires become unstable and unreliable. Don't buy used tires, since you won't know whether or not they were taken off a totaled car.


You should never buy used software, whether it's a game or graphics program. Most software comes with a serial number which is used to activate the software on your computer. Once this serial number is registered with the company (typically over the Internet once installed), the serial number is no longer usable by anyone else.


Think about all that's happened on your bed and all that's happened on everyone else's beds. Used mattresses can be filled with bacteria, mites, mold, and bodily fluids. Not to mention a mattress should be replaced every 10 years, and you don't know how old a used one is. The place where you spend a third of your life should be clean, comfortable, and new.

Plasma TVs

When plasma TVs first came out, they had serious issues with burn in (when on-screen images physically burned into the screen, leaving permanent "ghosting"). Not only do you not want to purchase an early generation plasma TV, but you want whatever TV you have to come with an extended warranty. If your screen dies or you have an annoying dead pixel, you'll be thankful for the free replacement.

Light Bulbs

Normal, everyday household light bulbs are cheap enough to not even consider buying used, but light bulbs for use with photography equipment are relatively expensive. Because the life of photo light bulbs is so short (due to the incredible drain put on them by photo lighting fixtures), you should stock up on several new bulbs and don't even consider buying them used.


You often can't buy a warranty with a used laptop, which could come in handy down the road. Laptop parts can wear out over time, and its battery's life may be drained. It's hard to tell if liquid has been spilled on the keyboard, or if the unit has been dropped several times. Given the low price of laptops these days, you're better off with a new one.

Swimsuits & Lingerie

In case it wasn't completely obvious already, don't buy used swimsuits and lingerie. Not only is it unsanitary, but it's also pretty icky. Do you really want to wonder who was wearing these things before you?

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