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Beaded Wineglass Charms

Wrapping your stemware with jewelry looks elegant and helps your companions remember which glass is theirs.

What You Need:

* 3/4-inch-circumference wire hoops
* Round-nose pliers
* Assorted glass beads
* 1-1/2-inch golden headpins
* Wire cutters
* Large wire hoop


1. To make a dozen wineglass charms, choose 12 wire hoops. Bend the straight end of each wire hoop into a hook using the round-nose pliers.

2. Select beads for each charm and begin threading beads on headpins. Trim wire down with wire cutters to 3/8 inch. Bend the end of the headpin into a loop using the round-nose pliers. Slip each beaded headpin onto a small wire hoop.

3. When finished thread all beaded charms onto one large wire hoop and bend the straight end of the large wire hoop into a hook using the round-nose pliers.

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