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Beaded Lampshades

Lend pizzazz to ordinary lampshades using whatever colors coordinate with your style at home.

Blue Lampshade

What You Need:

* Black silk string; needle; scissors
* Small blue pleated lampshade
* 80--4 mm light purple glass beads
* 44--6 mm disk-shape clear crystal beads
* 10--12 mm bumpy purple glass beads
* 20--4 mm square clear crystal beads


1. Knot silk string and begin sewing. Hide the knot between the blue shade and the white frame. Slide on beads at every inch and tack the beaded string to the outside of the shade until the shade is encircled.

2. For each beaded tassel, knot the silk string and place one 6 mm disk, one bumpy purple bead, and one 4 mm square bead. Attach the tassel to the shade by stitching between the shade and frame. Continue moving the needle between the layers, spacing stitches approximately 1 1/2 inches apart. Knot the thread and cut off any excess. Repeat the process until all tassels are evenly attached around the base of the lampshade.

Golden Lampshade

What You Need:

* Light silk beading thread; needle; scissors
* Smooth small light golden lampshade
* Golden beads in a variety of shapes and sizes
* Strong glue, such as E6000

1. Knot the thread and pull the needle from inside the frame to the outside top of the shade near the metal frame.

2. String approximately 2 1/2 to 3 inches of beads, alternating a small or medium bead with a bugle bead. To loop beaded string, firmly attach string to the top of the next section of metal frame, looping the string under the wire on the inside of the shade. If preferred, glue the string to the top of the shade. Repeat this process for each piece of metal frame.

3. Select small and medium beads to glue around the top of the shade frame. Let the glue dry before moving the frame.

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