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Importance of Data Recovery!

Slowly-slowly the use of technology is increasing in our daily life. Especially, personal computer is something which is becoming the essential part of our life. Not only the PC, but laptop is also becoming an essential part of our life. So as the use of these gadgets is increasing, the importance of the data is also increasing day by day.

Yesterday only one of my friends lost all his data as the hard disk of his computer got crashed. The main thing is that his hard disk was having the data from last two years, and now he will have to recover all those financial data manually, and you can easily understand how much difficult it is to recover them.

Actually, I live near to a computer shop and I almost see that many people reach there with a crashed hard disk, and they almost ask them to “please, please save my files”. “I will lose all my hard work”.

We do have all sort of files on our hard disk, like pictures, music, word, excel, pdf files and many more. Some of them seems regular files to us, but when we lose them, then we came to know the importance of that file. This situation can make us mad.

So considering all these factors, we should always take the back up of our important files. Taking a regular back up will decrease the tensions of a probable data loss in the future. But, only taking a back up is not that much important, unless you won’t save it at proper place.

While working on a PC or laptop, many people do the mistake of saving the files on the same drive on which the Operating System is. Be careful, your drive on which the operating system is stored is the very first one which can be lost. So always keep your files on other drives, also save the back ups of two or three different types of media like CD, DVD, Pen Drive. If by chance you lose one form of back up then you can easily retrieve it from the other means.

I still remember the night when due to some server problem I saw that my website is displaying a “Not Found” message, and suddenly I realized that I don’t have the back up of the site too. Then the tension through which I went for around 24 hours is really un-explainable. So to avoid these sort of tensions, you should also need to take regular back ups.

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