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The Bare Root Rose

The bareroot rose is the easiest way to raise a rose. They provide a massive choice and generally establish quickly.


This needs to be decided before buying, if your rose's new home is going to be outside make sure it will receive a minimum of 6 hours direct sunlight per day and will get plenty of air circulating around it. Test your soil for adequate nutrients using any widely available soil testing kit and also for drainage, dig your hole for your new rose and fill with water, if ideal it should drain away with a few hours. If you're planting inside, your new rose will require in its first week or so shaded sunlight and then direct sunlight after.


When I get friends asking for advice there always seems to be one vital bit of knowledge missing and that's exactly what to buy for the best. If you follow these guidelines you will help prevent most problems. It's all too easy to visit flower gardens and nurseries on a day out and buy your bare root rose there and that's ok but only if it's local!

I know what you'll probably think here but this has to help, there are many places you can buy bare root roses from, mail order and online . However, if you buy from a local nursery and they've cultivated the roses themselves they will have a much better chance of surviving as the condition they grew up in will be very similar to your own garden. You can ask all about where it grew up, what watering and feeding regime it's already been exposed to and you just need to copy this as closely as you can.


Whether your rose is going to live in a container or in the ground or outside or inside the planting process is basically the same apart from a couple of differences. Dig a hole roughly two feet deep and wide, for containers pick a size you want the rose to mature to. It needs good drainage, your own soil may well be ideal, if not mix with some perlite. Planting in the ground will require much more watering within the first 2 weeks. Make sure the bud or graft union is covered for the first week by creating a small mound of soil around it. This will help keeping it moist but do expose the union after this time

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