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Fruit Flowers and Light

This is Dutch style of flower arrangement. The materials used range from fruits, flowers and candles. The different hues of flowers and fruits complement each other with candles lighting up the arrangement. This arrangement is perfect during Diwali.

Materials Required:

3 Red Apples
2 Yellow Pears
2 Small Bananas
5 Red Roses
2 Candles
Few Stalks of Cyprus
1 block of Sponge soaked in water for at least half an hour
1 basket
A small plastic sheet


Line the bottom of the basket with a plastic sheet. Place the sponge in the middle. Arrange the fruits first on the sides of the sponge. Cut the Roses in different lengths. Stick the Roses in any pattern you desire into the sponge. Cut the Cyprus stalks into long and short stems. Stick these on the other later and camouflage the sponge. Stick Candles into the sponge and light it up.

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