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Sixteen Bean Soup

So, Here it is that delicious "Sixteen Bean Soup"

To make this soup you need:

What else but a pack of sixteen beans,(1 lb bag came with Ham flavored pd!)
2 cups of Chicken stock,
1 small minced onion,
1 tsp Garlic powder or 2 garlic,
1 tsp dry Italian herbs,
salt and Pepper.
1 tsp Heavy Cream to top each cup of soup.

How to make it:

1. Soak the beans over night,wash and drain the water.
2. Add enough water again to cover the beans and cook until soft.I cooked in pressure cooker to speed up the process but you must cook it on low for about 10mins,so they don't get mushy.Beans must be soft but till whole.
3. When done,open the cooker and add about 2-3 cups of Chicken stock to thin it.
4. Add all the above other ingredients except cream and simmer.
5. Your delicious and nutritiou soup is ready to serve garnished with a tsp of cream on top and a slice of crusty bread.

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