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Why Women Get Angry?


There are a few (chosen the unlucky number 13) tips for the erring husbands. I’m writing this from the experience of my close friends and relatives supplemented by mine.
Of course there are some people who has sensible wives…………Ladies , please don’t take offence for my language. I’ll amend it to indulgent, considerate and forgiving wives who condone their loving husbands as minor offences.


You must avoid the following to keep your wives in good humour.
Ladies get most upset by the following husbands’ action:-

1. Putting the wet towel on bed after bath.
2. Not lifting the commode seat after using the toilet.
3. Keeping the bathroom wet without mopping.
4. Not recognising the new saree worn leave aside praising it.
5. Putting on a non matching tie and shirt and pants.
6. Comparing the culinary skill of your dish with that of mother in law.
7. Planning to spend holidays in in-law’s place rather than your parents’ place.
8. Enjoying to buy vegetables rather than shopping in a air conditioned Mall.
9. Reading newspaper covering the face while seeping morning cup of tea.
10. Not be the first person to wish Happy Birth Day.
11. Never forgetting the handkerchief, but forgetting to kiss the wife before going to office.
12. Coming late from office via a relative’s home and saying that the delay was due to some urgent conference in office.
Praising the friend’s wife for look, smartness, sweet voice and friendly nature.

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