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# If you are not sure about the quantity of water to be added while cooking rice, it would be a safe bet to keep the water level 2.5 cm, above the rice level.

# Add a teaspoon of Ghee to the almost cooked rice before removing it from heat. The aroma that arises is very appetizing.

# Add one or two bay leaves, 1 crushed Cardamoms and 1” piece Cinnamon to Rice and cook. All these spices add a great flavor to the rice without coloring it
# Wrap vegetables in newspapers before storing in refrigerator. They remain fresh for a long time.

# If you need Sour Cream urgently, add lemon juice to fresh cream and mix lightly.

# When you are all set to make ice cream, turn the refrigerator to its coldest setting an hour before you need to freeze the ice cream. Turn it back to normal when the ice cream is set.

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