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# Cookies / biscuits will be crisper if little Rice flour is added to the flour while preparing the cookie dough.

# School leather shoes usually get scratched and peel off. Rub a slice of Raw potato over these areas and then polish the shoes. The scratch will not show.
# When fruits are sliced and left either inside or outside the fridge, the color of the fruits slice changes. Wrap the container in cling film, the fruits will remain fresh and will taste great!

# Wash the mixie jar with hot water and then churn the cream, the butter will not stick to the sides of the jar.

# For recipes, which requires Brinjals / Eggplants to be roasted, rub a little oil on the outer layer of the Brinjals and roast them, the peels will come off easier.

# Store broken coconuts immersed in water in the refrigerator until use. Change the water daily.

# Place a sheet of thermocole under the gas cylinder to avoid rust stains and scratches on the floor.

# Instead of tying stings to hold the curtains, insert a thick “Glass work / Meena work” bangle to give a festive look.

# Soak wicks in vinegar and dry them before using them in earthern lamps. The lamps will give no smoke and protect the surrounding from getting black.

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