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Fairy Tattoos

Fairy tattoos are one of the most feminine tattoo designs and are a favorites among women. Actually, there is not much of a difference between fairy tattoos and angel tattoos. While angels can be said to be messengers of god and are considered to be of the religious type, fairy tattoos doesnt have religion attached to it.

Fairy Tattoo Design

Fairies were just some supernatural beings with magical powers. Fairies are supposed to be fun loving creatures, who can be naughty too. According to various legends fairies used to punish the persons with an evil nature and helped the prince fight the big bad ogre.

Some people also believe that fairies are lucky to the one who is able to see them. Fairy tattoos show the sensual side of females and can give a hint of naughtiness or even flirtiness in their nature. Ladies, if you are thinking of getting a tattoo, please keep fairy tattoos in your mind.Some mor designs we have for you:

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