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Embellish an Ordinary Bowl

Embellish an Ordinary Bowl
Spruce up your plain bowls with the help of paper.

What You'll Need:

* Newspaper
* White spray primer
* Acrylic paint in desired color
* Paintbrush
* Papers in several colors
* Scissors
* Paper punch
* Decoupage medium
* Glass or plastic liner (optional)

Make It:

1. In a well-ventilated work area, spray paint bowls with primer. Let dry.
2. Paint the bowl in the desired color. Let dry.
3. Cut paper strips and squares. Punch circles with paper punch.
4. Paint decoupage medium onto the bowl and arrange the paper shapes on the bowl.
5. Paint two more coats of decoupage over the bowl.
6. Place a glass or plastic liner in the bowl if using it for food.

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