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Create a Cornucopia of Seeds

Make a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece with this easy project.

What You'll Need

* Newspaper
* Black spray paint
* Plastic foam balls, such as Styrofoam
* Thick white crafts glue
* Seeds such as split peas, red kidney beans, navy beans, black beans, and lentils
* Cornucopia
* Sprigs of bittersweet

Make It

1. In a well-ventilated work area, cover the surface with newspaper.
2. Spray-paint the foam balls black and let them dry.
3. Cover a small area of each ball with glue. Place beans on the glued area -- trying to keep them in horizontal rows. Allow each section to dry before starting a new area.
4. Place the seed ball in a cornucopia and tuck in the sprigs of bittersweet to fill.

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