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Aesop Fables

Plane Truth

Two travellers, seeking respite from the searing heat of the midday sun, took shelter under a leafy tree.
They soon felt cool and refreshed.
“What sort of tree is this? Does it produce edible fruits?” asked one of the men to the other.
“It’s a plane tree,” said his companion. “Don’t waste your time looking for fruits. It produces neither edible fruits nor good wood. It’s one of the most useless trees around.”
“How can you say that when you’re enjoying my shade at this very moment?” snapped the tree.

Moral: Often, a person’s worst critics are those who have benefited the most from him.

Last Boast

A fir tree said boastingly to the bramble bush growing in its shade: “You are useless. Nobody wants you. I am everywhere used for roofs and houses. Men can’t do without me.”
“You’re so right,” said the bramble. “Here’s a man coming to you with an axe, right now. Farewell.”

Moral: Pride comes before a fall.


Rabbits are among the most timid of animals.
The rabbits of a colony, once had a meeting to discuss this trait of theirs. They came to the conclusion that as their timidity would never leave them, they were doomed to a miserable existence and it would be better to drown themselves and end their misery once and for all.
Accordingly, they began to move towards a large lake.
When the frogs in the lake saw the large number of rabbits approaching, they were filled with fear and made for the deepest part of the lake.
Seeing this, the leader of the rabbits stopped and said to his fellow-creatures:
"It is true we are timid, but here are animals more timid than ourselves. There is hope for us yet. Let us go back to our homes."
And that is what they did.

Moral: Just as we are afraid of others, others are afraid of us.

The Ailing Deer

A sick stag was lying in a corner, helpless and weak. He was glad he had collected enough grass to last him through his period of illness. But suddenly, to his dismay, he saw that some friends who had come to see him were helping themselves to the food.
"Please go away," he said. "My illness will not kill me but your greed certainly could."

Moral : Thoughtless friends are more harmful than enemies.

Boar with Foresight

A wild boar was rubbing his tusks against a tree. A fox passing by asked him what he was doing.
"My tusks are my weapons," said the boar. "I'm sharpening them."
"Why waste time sharpening your weapons when there's no danger in sight?" said the fox. "You're being foolish."
Just then a hunter appeared on the scene. Frightened by the boar's sharpened tusks, he turned on the fox instead and shot him dead.

Moral : Be prepared.

The Clever Sheep

One day a wolf cornered a sheep.
"You can't escape, " said the wolf, baring his teeth.
"I know," said the sheep, softly.
"Please grant me a last wish. Sing a song so that I may dance one last time.'
"Certainly,' said the wolf and throwing back his head began to howl.
Hearing him howl the farmer's dogs rushed to the spot and drove him away.

Moral: Don't attempt anything that is beyond your ability.

Monkey Business

A monkey climbed the roof of a house and entertained the people who had gathered below to watch it, with its antics.
After it had gone, an ass who craved popularity climbed the roof and tried to perform the same tricks.
In the process, it dislodged and broke several tiles.
The owner of the house was furious. His servants went up, drove the ass down, and beat it black and blue.

Moral: Actions that suit others may not suit you. Be yourself.

Fox in the Cart

A fox observing a fish cart coming, lay down and pretended to be dead.
The cart man, tempted by the idea of making some money by selling the fox's fur, picked up the animal by its tail and flung it into the back of the cart among the fish.
Then he resumed his journey. The fox ate his fill of the fish and jumped out of the cart. A wolf saw him jumping out and asked him what he had been doing in it. The fox told him and also how he had got into it in the first place.
The wolf ran ahead of the cart and lay down in its path, pretending to be dead. The cart man was delighted to find another animal to sell, but he found the animal too heavy to lift. So he pushed it into a sack, tied the sack to his cart and dragged it away.

Moral: What works for one may not work for another.

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