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Cute-as-a-Button Candles

Cute-as-a-Button Candles
Surround any size of pillar candle with zigzags of wire.

What You Need:

* Drill
* Cut hook
* Wire
* Pillar candle
* Wire cutters
* Buttons
* Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks


1. Place a cup hook in a drill and tighten. Bend an 80-inch length of wire in half. Place the loop over the cup hook. Secure the wire ends in a vise. Pulling firmly on the dill, turn it on to twist the wire. Remove from cup hook.

2. Bend the wire back and forth height of the candle. When the bent wire will wrap around the candle, cut the wire. Secure the ends together.

3. Glue buttons onto wire as desired. Let dry. Slip the candle inside the ring.

More Ideas

* Instead of buttons use old or secondhand earrings as embellishments.
* Use this same technique to trim vases, winding wire around the shape.

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