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Style Tips For Men

Some men pay little attention to their wardrobes, especially if they think they don't have a perfect body. The trick is identifying which area you really don't like and knowing the tricks of the trade to fool the eye. Just check the problem, below
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Large stomach
Big bottom
Hair styles for different face shapes

Short: Don't wear shoes with built-in heels, or high cowboy boots - they don't make you look taller.

Don't wear your trousers too short or add massive turn-ups.

Do wear sleeves and trousers, as long as you can without them looking swamped - it can add an extra inch.

Do go for vertical patterns, stripes, single-breasted jackets, straight-leg trousers or jeans, and narrow ties.

Tall: Don't wear jackets done right up, avoid zips down the front, and avoid wearing the same colour head to toe.

Don't wear pinstripe suits, vertical patterns, jackets that end at the waist or very thin ties.

Do think about longer jackets, double-breasted suits and trousers with a low waist.

Do try lower cut trendy jeans in dark denim and layering different length tops and jackets.

Bulky: Don't wear tops or jackets with extra padding or loud ties and avoid doing shirts right up.

Buy the correct neck size for formal shirts (or half an inch bigger) and never wear a small watch on a thick wrist.

Don't wear bulky jumpers or cable knits and forget about polo neck jumpers. Avoid turn-up trousers or stiff fabric.

Do wear v-necks, jumpers or shirts with a vertical pattern, shirts with narrow or open collars, ties in a single discreet colour, subtle pinstripes and high-buttoned jackets with three or even four buttons.

Do wear tighter lightweight tops in dark colours, fine knitwear that skims rather than swamps the body, and wear easy/relaxed-fit jeans.

Lean: Don't wear v-neck shirts or jumpers and avoid narrow ties.

Don't wear vertical stripes, pinstripe suits, shiny fabrics or very tight fitting tops that hug your shoulders tightly.

Do wear padding in jackets and waistcoats over T-shirts, check suits and double-breasted jackets.

Do wear baggy low-slung combat trousers, cargo pants with pockets on the sides, horizontal details on tops, bulky knit sweaters and polo necks. Button shirts up to the max.

Large stomach: Don't wear waistcoats or anything too small that will strain across a larger stomach. Don't wear man-made fibres that cling to a bulge and go static.

Avoid wearing trousers over your stomach. Avoid double-breasted jackets or suits, shiny fabrics or lighter colours.

Do wear loose-fitting clothes - darker shades in cotton or linen. Buy trousers big enough to do up on the stomach, and make sure ties are wide and end on your waistband.

Do wear a jacket and trousers in the same colour; go for single-breasted jackets every time.

Big bottom: Don't wear trousers in camel, white and bleached denim; avoid jeans with fussy details.

Don't wear trousers in shiny fabrics or low-cut trousers that reveal any hint of a builder's bum when you bend over.

Do wear dark colours on the bottom half, including dark denim jeans or chino-style trousers.

Do wear trousers in plain and matt fabrics, plain jeans with minimal detailing and loose or baggy fit jeans without the underwear poking out.

Hair styles for different face shapes

Round: Avoid a square haircut - leave hair longer on top and full at the sides and stick to medium-length sideburns.

Long: Widen and shorten the forehead by going short and close at the ears and on top of the head. Avoid puffy styles and add volume at the sides, not the top, and opt for a side parting.

Heart-shaped: Go flat at the sides and ruffled on top. Keep hair around the sides of the face as straight as possible and grow some stubble to balance out the face.

Oval: Lucky you - you can go for a variety of shapes, so enjoy

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