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7 Tips For Smooth Shaving

There’s no denying that shaving is an invasive activity, which involves a sharp metal blade, lather, water, and after shave lotion. It may sound easy to girls but for women its definitely not. While shaving men have to bear the pain of cuts, scratch, and even skin irritation. So we thought why not share a secret, a secret how to get a smooth shave without any cuts! A secret how to get a smooth skin after shave! Here we go:

Men Magazine Smooth Shave

Shaving in the shower: Fashion experts feel that shaving should be your final step before leaving the shower. It has been seen that the warm moisture of a shower makes skin hair soft and plump making them easy to shave.

Lubricate effectively: The biggest success to get a close, clean shave is forming a slick lubricating cushion. Leave it on your face for a minute before shaving to make the skin smooth and easy to shave.

Keep a face scrub: Applying a face scrub massage helps in opening pores, prime follicles, and raise stubs for a smooth shave. It also removes dead cells and impurities from your face that can cause acne, ingrown hair, and infection.

Men Magazine Smooth Shave

Use a sharp shaving blade: It is always advisable to discard shaving blades after four or five uses. Use gentle strokes by putting less pressure on the blade.

Avoid using irritants: Try to avoid the usage of irritants, as they can damage your skin and create microscopic swelling. Avoid anything that prickles, throbs, or numbs during shaving. Also stay away from alcohol or strong plant extracts such as menthol, peppermint, or citrus.

After shave soothing: Guys, this is the step you shouldn’t avoid at any cost. It is important to calm irritation by balancing your skin’s moisture content. You should use proven functional anti-inflammatory and pore-clearing ingredients.

For an occasion: If you’re going for an occasion, shave in two steps. First, shave with very light pressure. Second, shave against the grain for smooth results.

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