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Elements Of Personal Space......

No matter the size ,of where you create your green patch ... it can go beyond ... just pots and plants ... to being a personal space ... with the type of plants you enjoy growing ... with accent pieces ... with the pots you pick ...

white ... is my favourite color ... when it comes to flowers ... and I love this lily against my urns ... which I had painted sand color a few years ago ...

its tranquil under my chinese orange ... with filler plants ... the tiny daisies ... polka dot plants... its a beautiful mish-mash of all the tiny plants that would other wise cluter up the small space ... if I plant them in separate pots..

with age the pots are getting a beautiful patina as the paint wears off... I spray my pots as well, along with the plants... everyday ... I love the mossy growth on the pots ... patina and texture

I love collecting stones ... they do find there place in my pots ...(if not on my coffee table) .

.. its as much fun collecting pots as it is collecting plants ... I have to admit ... I some times do traumatise my plants to a few transplants before I feel the pot is right ...

fairly new place,this balcony garden of mine ... I am still waiting for my plants to fill out the spaces ...

Flowers ... leaves ... moss ... stones ... water ... pots ... my best ingredients to a beautiful place ... a personal space .

I bought myself some new plants ... the 'Polka Dot Plants'(Hypoestes phyllostachya) ..he polka dot plant ...is an ornamental plant ... it makes a great house plant ... and enjoys indirect sunlight... making it a great choice for shade gardens. Though bright indirect sunlight is ideal ... it is said to tolerate some bit of sun as well. The lovely burst of colored leaves ...can bring cheer where flowers may find difficulty growing. Faint memories remind me of my father using them as a hedge and as borders around flower beds.
Normally these plants are bushy ...but you may find your plant to grow longer stems and spread out leaves...making it look gangly... all you need to do it keep pinching it back.Though as the plant matures over time you will need to replace it... it looses its bushiness , as the maturer stems begin to show more. The polka dots ... also give out lilac flowers which grow on long shoots or racemes...they may be cute ... though not as spectacular as the leaves.Flowering will probably be seen in summer months.

A pot filled with petunias.They are the most easy to grow ...if you remember a few things.Don't let them stand in too much watered soil...and put them in sunny patch.I usually plant 3-4 plants in about an 8-10 inch pot. ..and watch them go just crazy blooming.My personal favorites are pink and whites.But petunia come in so many colors...you are sure to find your favorite one.Seeing the new plants arriving in the market...I remembered this pot I grew last season.
If you are a person who likes to surround yourself with things that make you smile ...petunias are never disappointing.

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