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Different names of Rangoli

In every region of India, it is known by different names :

Kerala : 'Puvidal' ( Puv means flower and idal means arrangement, i.e. Rangoli by flowers.

Tamil Nadu : 'Kolam' ( kolam - name of a specific quality of rice. Rangoli is drawn by using rice flour )

Andhra Pradesh : 'Muggu' ( Rangoli drawn by using thick batter of soaked rice flour )

Karnataka : 'Rangoli' ( From the powder of a special kind of a rock. Tiny dots are drawn on the floor usually in even numbers. These dots are joined with the powder in a geometrical fashion )

Maharashtra : 'Rangvalli' ( Rangoli thick powder made from special rock is used in various colors, and the powder of burnt rice skin is used to draw rangoli in Konkan part of Maharashtra )
Gujarat : 'Sathiya' ( Rangoli is known by this name )

Rajasthan : 'Mandana' ( rice flour mixed with little turmeric. It is drawn on the walls )

Madhya Pradesh : 'ChowkPurna' ( Traditional designs fitted in square with leaves and flowers )

Uttar Pradesh : It is known as 'Sona Rakhana'

Orissa : It is known as 'Ossa'

Almora - Garhawal : It is well popular known as 'Alpana'

Bengal : In Bengal it is drawn by soak rice paste and known as 'Apana'

With almost 'Four Hundred' names ,Rangoli designs and patterns are ultimately very attractive.

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