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Ladies, Know Your Proper Bra Size

Believe it or not, nine out of ten women reading this right now are wearing the wrong bra size.

Women don't realise that for all the time, money and effort we put into making the most of our looks, the single most effective way to transform your silhouette in one shot is to wear the right size and shape bra. It will instantly give you better posture and a slimmer, more youthful look.

So why do so many women still get it wrong?

The key reason is that most women do not know their correct size. Ninety percent of women who walk into my store wear the wrong size -- it is almost like an heirloom passed from generation to generation.

Most girls think they are a 34B

Once a girl starts wearing lingerie, she automatically thinks she is a 34B -- the most commonly sold size in India and the size that most women think that they are for their entire life. This couldn't be further from the truth as women's bra sizes alter dramatically from teenage years to motherhood through weight gain and weight loss, metabolism and hormonal changes.

They also don't understand how the size is made up of two measurements, a back and cup measurement.

The back size (32, 34, 36) and the cup size (A, B, C, D) are both required to work out your true bra size but you could have a very small back with a large cup size or a large body frame with a small cup and the size must reflect that. There are no generic sizes and one size definitely does not fit all.

Symptoms of ill-fitting lingerie

# Back rising -- If the back straps of the bra are rising, then the band of the bra is too big for you.

# Double busting -- If your bra is creating double busts, then the problem is that the cup is too small.

# Red marks on shoulders - This means that the straps are too tight. If you can adjust them then try to loosen them; if you can't, the bra is too small.

# Underwire sitting away from the chest -- If the wire is sitting away from your chest, the bra is too small.

Different types of bras

# The underwired bra -- This has a supporting wire built into the underside of the cups.

# Non-wired bra -- A regular bra without wiresm which gives less support than an underwired.

# Padded plunge bra -- A padded bra that will bring your breasts together, thereby creating cleavage

# Padded balconette bra -- It is also called a half-cup and lifts your breasts to make them look higher.

# T-shirt bra -- A smooth, seamless bra that can be worn under tight, fitted clothing.

# Strapless bra -- Can be worn with strapless outfits, like tube tops.

# Multiway bra -- Can be worn in five ways, including strapless, halter-neck, racer-back, one-shouldered and regular.

Why it's important

You may wonder why a flimsy piece of undergarment can influence the appearance of your outerwear and affect your comfort levels dramatically.

It is because bras are like a feat of engineering. Unlike most pieces of clothing, a good bra made by a premium manufacturer will require 25 to 30 components, which come together in precision to build the perfect support. And wearing the wrong size may damage your breasts, causing them to sag or lose their shape.

In conclusion

Don't compromise on that one piece of clothing that you think that no one will ever see. The reality is that everyone will see the effect of it and only if your lingerie works will the rest of your clothing serve to enhance your appearance.

And if you can't get into a store, try getting your size online.

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