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Do's and Don'ts on First Date

http://kuchkhaashai.blogspot.com/First date can ingest a lot of panic in singles along with lots of nervousness and pressure. However along with all these neck wrecking feeling there is always a tingling excitement that gives butterflies in the pit of your stomach. Things are more over the bowl if it’s your first blind date as compared to the otherwise contribution of the social networking sites that allows to know each other much in advance. Whatever the case may be, first date allows you to access the chemistry between both of you and will be quite decisive for second meeting. The first thing that will stay in your mind will be spending time with your date while leaving a good impression that will boost the relationship. Hence we bring you some good pointers of the do's and don'ts on first date that will help you put your most attractive foot forward.

First Date Dos & Don’ts


* Choose a place that you and your date are comfortable and familiar. This will save you from unnecessary exaggeration.
* Give a confirmation call before leaving to make sure that everything is, as scheduled. Let your date know the approximate time when you will be reaching, say half an hour or something. Tell him/her that you are looking forward to meet up.
* Being on time will show you value your date's time and take him/her seriously.
* Greet your date with smile and make a proper eye contact.
* Make them feel comfortable as it will also help you to stay calm.
* Give genuine compliments but don’t compliment below the neck as no woman wants to know how you have checked her nether regions.
* Show interest in them. Start a decent conversation and get to know their interests, likes and dislikes. It will help when you plan your second date.
* Laugh at their jokes, keep the atmosphere lively and enjoyable. Take her as a new friend you have just met.
* Make sure that you are listening too along with meaningful inputs into conversations to keep it going. Keep filler questions to ask as it would avoid awkwardness.
* Be confident. Don't stutter or stammer while talking and try to maintain eye contact. Smile often during the conversation. Keep yourself relaxed yet peppy and enjoy the time spent together.
* Most importantly- Be yourself and natural. Don’t loose on your vulnerabilities and insecurities on the first date.
* Be safe on your first date. Keep a phone with you and let one of your friends know about your whereabouts and your returning time.


* Throwing tantrums of I-don’t-care-a-damn attitude or I-know-better-than-you as it can be the biggest turnoff for your new acquaintance. Confidence is appealing but audaciousness isn’t.
* The concept of arriving fashionably late does not apply on your first date. It shows you are not dependable at all and definitely not worth dating.
* Don’t try to drill them for every detail of their life as it portrays you as nosey person who is more interested in your past.
* It is very rude to talk on phone on a date or keep meddling with it as it shows that you are not interested or getting bored. If it is an urgent call, keep it short and tell them that you are busy and will get back to them later.
* Do not even try to be someone you are not just to make that person fall in love with you. If you do, you will be expected to keep up that standard for the rest of your life.
* Of all the things, you wouldn't want to pass out and embarrass your date. Worse, misbehave with the girl in case you lose your senses after drink.
* You wouldn't want your date to think you are too aggressive or even desperate. There is a difference between harmless flirting and obvious advances.
* Lastly don’t forget to thank the other person for the wonderful day you had with them.

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