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Valentine's Day Date Checklist - To Do List for Valentine's Day Date

Two weeks before:

* Plan your date
Perhaps a dinner in a wonderful hotel or restaurant, then taking a bath at home?
* Decide exactly the type of mood you want to set and choose a place to go to on Valentine's Day.
* Research your city and list of all the restaurants in your area
When visiting places make notes of times open, cost of visit, menus and hours of delivery, etc.
* Reserve a table in a hotel or restaurant
Don't forget tipping requirements, transportation, dress code, etc.
* Let your date know about any information she or he needs to know, like dress codes, etc.

One week before:

* Make sure your date is free on Valentine's night
* Set a mutually convenient time for your date
* Search for gift ideas
It doesn't have to be expensive, but it must show that you've put a lot of time and care into selecting it. If it is a traditional one, like flowers, chocolates or romantic sexy lingerie, try make something unique with them.
* Buy some mood-enhancing candles, romantic music CDs
* If you're going out, get a nice new outfit for Valentine's
Don't forget to wear it for an hour and break in any new shoes to make sure it will be comfortable.

Three to Four days before:

* Confirm your bookings
* Make sure your date knows the schedule and dress code.
* Take some massage lessons

One day before:

* Confirm everything to be on the safe side
* Make any time-consuming preparations

On Valentine's Day:
* (for her) go to a hair stylist and (for him) get a professional shave and cut
* Place heart soaps in the bathroom and kitchen.
* Have scented massage oils in the bedroom.
* Buy rose(s) or other flowers your date adores.
Put them everywhere, or alternatively lay a rose on your love's pillow.
* Buy as many candles of all shapes and sizes and candlestick holders as possible.
Place them everywhere and light them every night instead of using your normal lighting.
* Play romantic music.
* Make sure you smell sweet, relax, act charmingly and enjoy your romantic date!

Romantic Mood Essentials:

* Bed Tray Breakfast
* Bubble Bath
* Champagne and champagne glasses
* Ice Bucket
* Massage oils to experiment with
* Romantic music CDs
* Romantic Movies ...

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