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First Date Ideas

You have finally managed to ask him/her out and the D-day is just round the corner. Though you have been struggling hard to make it special and have left no stone unturned, yet you have a feeling of something lacking in it and would like to be more innovative to add that special zing to make it look fabulous. The obvious objective of the first date is to see if there is any possibility of second. Allow time for that and let it flow naturally. This is where we come to the rescue. We bring you some great ideas for first date to make it memorable. Given below are some tips for first date and some of the best first date ideas, just for you!

Great Ideas For First Date

* Going at lunch is the best idea to spend some time together making it casual and eases tension. Pick up a nice restaurant that has a good ambience. Book corner seats in advance just to avoid that last minute hustle. Corner seats give you more privacy and let you talk without much disturbances. Location matters a lot to make your first date comfortable and memorable.

* You can eve think of going out at a wild life sanctuary near your place and will find plenty of topics to talk about.

* Next in the list is to take your date for a dance or a game. Choose a club where you drop in frequently and the music rocks. You can always request the DJ to play some slow songs every now and then and enjoy a slow and intimate moment with your date. In case dancing isn't your cup of tea, go for a game of snooker or bowling. Show the sportsperson in you and enjoy the game while dating.

* If you want to have fun, thrill, laughter, screams all in your first date, head on to the nearest amusement park. Not only will you enjoy those roller-coaster rides, you and your date are sure to have the time of your life. Everyone appreciates the fun streak in an individual. So don't be afraid to flaunt it. Of course, you get to buy ice creams without feeling like a kid.

* Enjoy a walk together along a beach, in the park or any popular sites in your city.

* You can also take your date to local events such as fairs, festivals, musical concert in your city only if your date likes it and is comfortable with it.

* Long drive along scenic views can be fun too but make sure that you are safe with him.

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