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Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette party is a party held for a woman, who is going to get married soon. It is also known as hen party, hen do, or hen night. In some countries bachelorette party is called as stagette, or may also be referred to as a girls' night out, or kitchen tea in some countries. A Bachelorette Party is an event in itself where you get to see an entirely different facet of the personality of girls. Girls surely know how to have fun and when it comes to hosting a party for the bride-to-be, nothing can dampen their spirits. If you think girls can only talk about make-up and at the most give each other a make-over in parties, think again! Girls can come up with many unique ideas for Bachelorette parties and it would be beyond anything you could ever imagine.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

* First of all, send out invitations to all your close pals. It does not matter whether you have thirty friends or just three. The main motive is to have fun.

* Once you decide whom all are you going to invite, decide the kind of place you want for your party. It could be your house, your friend's house, a rented cottage or some far away destination, say on the hills or a beach resort.

* If you are having it at your own place, then make sure you decorate your house for the sake of this special party. Go lavish on decorations and make it look not just elegant but also comfortable.

* What is a party without anything to gorge on! By anything, we do not mean formal dinners and cocktails. This is your chance to munch on as much trash food as you want with your pals and not to worry about any extra calories. You can always go on those long jogs later!

* Enjoy it as one night of pure fun where you don't really have to bother about your waistline or the kind of dress you are wearing. It is the girl's night out and the top most priority in your mind should be fun and nothing else.

* There are many activities you can involve in. Among all the activities, the one that tops the list is of course bar hopping. Yes, you can have those tequila shots one after the other with your girl chums and don't feel guilty about anything.

* You could also order junk food and sit at home with your girls in pajamas. For a change, let go off those painful stilettos and proper make-up. Just sit back, relax and be yourself.

So what are you girls waiting for? Get ready to have fun and enjoy this special time of your life with your friends.

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