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Latest method of Cheating

Well, the conventional way of cheating is over! Let's look at the latest way !

1. Type out your notes in the computer:

2. Make sure to resize the font size 6:

Method of cheating

3. Print out the notes with your own printer

Method of cheating

4. Make copy of the note using "toner based" photo copier:

Method of cheating

5. Stick a layer of transparent adhesive tapes (eg:Scotch Tape) on the copied notes:

Method of cheating

6. Cut them into strips according to the size of the adhessive tape:

7. Soak the strips in cold water:

Method of cheating

8. After a few minutes, peel off the adhesive tape from the paper carefully

9. You will be able to see that your notes have been transferred to the tapes

Method of cheating

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