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Easy Seashell Crafts

Whether found on the beach or bought in a craft store, shells can add a touch of seaside flair to any room.

Beach Detailed Flower Holder

Repurpose a tin can with beach finds. Glue fabric or paper around the clean can. Add desired beach details. To use on a chair back, cut a hole near the top and the bottom of the back of the can, then tie with ribbon threaded through the holes. Or set decorated tin on the table as a centerpiece.

Beach Memory Jars

Bring home beach memories to store in a jar. Collect clear jars and bottles. Put shells and sand inside. Label each container with rub-ons or stickers to spell out the name of the destination.

Beach Treasure Box

The lid of a cardboard or papier-mache box is the ideal place to display a few prized specimens. Paint the sides and lid of the box with artist's acrylic paint in a color found on some of the shells, such as the raw sienna shown. After the paint is dry, arrange the shells on the lid, take a digital photo, then remove all shells.

Referring to the photo, glue each shell in place one at a time, largest to smallest. Then plan the design for the box sides, leaving the lid on. To make feet, glue same-size shells to the bottom of the box at the corners. (We used a strong adhesive called Household Goop. Be sure to use Goop in a well-ventilated area, and allow several hours for it to set up.)

Shell-Rimmed Mirror

Perhaps the only thing more beautiful than a single shell is a collection of them. To balance the composition of this heavily adorned mirror and simplify the process of arranging the shells, work in layers. Arrange the largest shells on the mirror frame first, then, working from largest to smallest, fit shells into the remaining spaces until the frame is covered.
A bagged assortment of shells provides enough variety in size and species to achieve a stunning look. First, group the shells by size. Position the largest shells at even intervals around the frame, then fill in with the next smallest shells. One at a time, pick up each shell and glue it down. Layer on smaller shells until even the tiniest areas are covered. (We used a strong adhesive called Household Goop. Be sure to use Goop in a well-ventilated area, and allow several hours for it to set up.)

Hanging Shell Wall Art

Create wall art from natural finds. Drill several holes in a long piece of driftwood. Pull twine, approximately 30 inches long each, through the holes and tie at the top. If shells have natural holes, pull twine through them. Tie knots to hold shells in place. If necessary, drill through shells to create holes.

Shell-Edged Place Mat

Here's a showy mat you can complete in less than 10 minutes. Trace a round dinner plate on stiff felt; cut out. Starting in the center of the circle, hot-glue jute in a coil until the entire felt piece is covered. Hot-glue shells evenly spaced around the edge.

Shell Card Embellishments

A trip to the ocean provides shells for this project. Glue the shells to the card, and then stitch over them for added embellishment

Greeting Card with Bookplates Cover

Construct a warm greeting card to hold bookplates. Print the front and inside messages on a piece of card stock. Cut out a square window using a crafts knife or square punch. Accent the cutout with a mat of kraft paper, then mount a piece of vellum with a slightly larger cutout to the front using spray adhesive.Greeting Card and Bookplates Inside:

Hot-glue a miniature sand dollar and a raffia-trimmed pocket inside. For the bookplates, run adhesive labels with a preprinted striped design through a color printer. Decorate each with a miniature starfish.

Dress it up With Shells

A discount-store composition shelf is taken up a notch with artfully arranged shell embellishments. The do-it-yourself shelf is now an elaborate display for collectibles. This seashell sconce would be fabulous in any room.
How to Make It:
1. Plan the shell placement following the lines of the sconce.
2. Adhere the shells to the sconce with maximum-strength epoxy. (Mix up only the amount you can work with right away.)
3. Hold the shells in place until the epoxy sets.

Seashell Candles

Clean shells and let dry. Melt small chunks of a paraffin block or old candle stubs in the top of a double boiler. Cover the work surface with plastic or newspaper. Slowly and carefully pour melted wax into shells. Quickly put a wick in the center of the wax. Let cool about 30 minutes. Never leave burning candles unattended.

Seasonal Glow Wreath

Shells hold votives on a lightly flocked coffee table wreath accented with starfish and coral. To turn the display into a fancy centerpiece, add a hurricane or a pillar candle to the center. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Sea Shell Drawer Pulls

You don't need a beach house to enjoy this cottage-style dresser. Shell pulls add a touch of whimsy and interest to an ordinary dresser.
How to Make It:
1. Paint a chest of drawers soft white.
2. Using maximum-strength epoxy, adhere shells to flat drawer pulls.
3. Choose shells with flat surfaces at least as large as those on the pulls for good adhesion.

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