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Pretty Felt Butterfly Pillow

Rather than spend a fortune on designer pillows, make this easy-sew butterfly pillow from fabric remnants or embellishments. Here, an ordinary aqua accent pillow takes flight with pretty felt cutouts.

What You'll Need

• Computer, printer
• Scanner (optional)
• Butterfly image
• Spray adhesive
• Coordinating colors of wool felt
• Solid-color pillow with zippered cover
• Straight pins
• Sewing needle
• Matching sewing thread


1. Find a butterfly image online or scan one from a book and print it the size you want.
2. Apply spray adhesive to the back of the paper pattern. Place it adhesive side down on the felt and smooth to adhere; carefully cut it out.
3. Remove the pattern and reuse it to cut the desired number of butterflies from each of the felt colors, reapplying adhesive as needed.
4. For ease in attaching butterflies, open the pillow cover's zipper. Arrange the butterflies on the pillow front; pin in place.
5. Hand-sew the butterflies to the pillow front with several straight stitches at the center of each body, leaving the wings free to add dimension. Zip the pillow cover closed.

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